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Terms of Service

Baskit is a platform for distribution businesses, located at the CHR Office, Grand Slipi Tower Lt. 9 Unit O, Jl. Lt. Gen. S. Parman No. Kav 22-24, RT.1/RW.4, Palmerah, Kec. Palmerah, West Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 11480.


Baskit is a legal entity in the form of a Limited Liability Company whose scope of business activities is in the field of supply chain empowerment services by providing unlimited services for commercial support, financing and digital solutions for distribution businesses.


The following Terms of Service are the conditions for using the site, content, services and features on Baskit. Please read these terms of service carefully. By accessing and using the Baskit website or application, you understand and agree to be bound by all the regulations that apply to this site.


  1. Changes to Terms of Service. Baskit may at any time change, add or reduce these Terms of Service and remain binding on the User for any replacement, change or reduction of the Terms of Service. You should review this Terms of Service page periodically to stay abreast of the Terms of Service that apply and are binding on you.

  2. Registered Visitors. Some services on the Baskit website or application are only available to visitors who have registered. Visitors must use email to register. As a registered visitor, you are required to follow these Terms of Service.

  3. Added Terms of Service. Some areas or services of Baskit, such as pages where you can upload or download documents or files, may have usage guidelines and rules that may be in addition to these Terms of Service. By using these areas or services, you agree to be bound by the applicable instructions and rules for use.

  4. Baskit feature changes. The Manager has the right not to continue a service or change services or features on Baskit at any time and without prior notification to the User.

  5. User Obligations

  6. You may not use Baskit in any condition or manner that could damage, disable, overburden, or disrupt Baskit's servers or network. You are also not permitted to access services, user accounts, computer systems or networks unlawfully, by hacking, password mining, or other unauthorized means.

  7. Baskit will cooperate fully with any officials and law enforcers or courts who request or direct Baskit management to reveal the identity of anyone posting material or information as mentioned above.


  1. Place an order

    1. When you place an order for a product, you are deemed to have a desire to purchase the product in accordance with the following terms and conditions. All orders are subject to availability and confirmation of order price.

    2. If your order is accepted, we will notify you via e-mail that your order is placed in our system and is awaiting payment. We will also inform you in the same e-mail regarding payment details along with the method.

    3. When placing an order, you must provide all details correctly and accurately, that you are an authorized user of the debit card, credit card or bank account used to pay for your order. You must ensure that you have sufficient funds to cover the cost of your order. Costs of products and services may fluctuate. All prices advertised on the site are subject to such changes without prior notice to you.

  2. Payment. When you order, you will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your order and that your order is awaiting payment. Please note that this confirmation email will only be a confirmation and does not constitute a finalization of your order or the formation of a sales contract. A sales contract will not be formed until we send you confirmation by e-mail that your payment has been received and that the goods you ordered will be sent to you.

  3. Prices and Refunds. We will always do our best to ensure that all product details, descriptions, availability and prices contained on the Baskit website or app are accurate. However, errors may occur periodically. If we discover an error in the price or availability of a product you have ordered, we will immediately notify you of this and give you the option of resetting your order at the correct price or canceling it. If we cannot contact you or receive your acknowledgment within 3x24 hours, we will cancel the order. If you cancel but have already paid for the item, you will receive a full refund.

  4. Use of discount codes. Discount Codes may be offered to customers from time to time. The code can only be applied to purchases made through the account where the discount code is offered. Discount codes from one account cannot be transferred to another account.


  1. Right of ownership. All designs, images, artwork, text, audio, video and programming code (hereinafter referred to as "Content") on this site are copyrighted by Baskit. You are not permitted to modify, copy, change or add designs, images, artwork, text, audio, video and programming code to this facility under any circumstances or conditions.

  2. Baskit Blog Use License

    1. You are permitted to use blog content (Info and Tips) on the Baskit website or application only for personal purposes, not commercial purposes. You can use content that is permitted to be downloaded, such as photos, sound recordings and videos for personal purposes and in accordance with the regulations on the content in question.

    2. You are not permitted to reproduce, print, copy, store, publish, display, distribute, modify, translate, publish, transfer, sell, lend, or distribute Baskit Content without written permission from Baskit.

  3. Content Posted For Public Consumption

    1. Some areas or services on Baskit allow you to post comment content that can be accessed and viewed by other visitors, including the public.

    2. The manager does not claim ownership of the content you load. However, by posting content on Baskit's public areas, you guarantee us, our affiliates and distributors the right to use, copy, display, perform, distribute, adapt and promote that content in various media.

    3. You agree that the content you post is only positive content that does not threaten, incite, harass, inflame, or encourage harassment of others, or interfere with other users' use of the site; or content that constitutes or encourages any form of criminal act that violates applicable laws or regulations or applicable international regulations. Violating any of the above provisions may involve a crime under applicable law and Baskit may report such violation and disclose your identity to the appropriate authorities.

  4. Supervision. You agree that we are not responsible for content provided by other parties. We have no obligation to review such content, but we reserve the right to refuse to post or edit submitted content. We have the right to remove content contained in the Baskit website or application for various reasons, but we are not responsible for any failure or delay in removing such material.

  5. Other Site Links

    1. Baskit may provide links to third party sites, including links provided on search results pages. Some of these site links may contain objectionable, unlawful or inaccurate material. These links do not imply that we endorse such third party sites.

    2. You acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for the content or other materials on such third party sites. Any agreements and transactions between you and advertisers on Baskit are between you and the advertiser. You acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for any losses or claims that may result from agreements or transactions between you and advertisers.

  6. Applicable law. If you choose to access this site from outside Indonesia, you do so on your own initiative and are responsible for complying with applicable local laws. The Terms of Use will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Indonesian law, without giving effect to the principles of conflicts of law.


If you have any questions or issues regarding the Baskit Terms of Service, you can always contact us via email .

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