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General Trade

We work with more than 200,000 wholesalers and distributors with a very large sales turnover. We help them achieve more profits and increase productivity through commercial & operational strategies, technology integration and financing support

Modern Trade

Large-scale retail market with a high number of visitors. We help them get better listing fees, to increase business investment and contribute to their growth

Sorting and Cataloging Inventory

Working capital support

Financial support for your business needs in pursuing growth opportunities

Brand Investment

Strategic investment aimed at maximizing brand awareness, increasing sales and building brand loyalty for consumers

Lead presentations during meetings

Trade marketing

We provide advertising opportunities for brands or distributors with campaign programs or trade marketing promotion programs through our sales chain, effectively targeting wholesalers, retailers and retail

Point of Sale Materials (POSM)

We manage the entire POSM implementation process, from deployment planning, installation operations, routine monitoring, to metrics to influence purchasing decisions

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