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Indonesia’s #1 platform for distribution businesses

Sell more, buy cheaper, harness your data

We provide technology for each layer of the supply chain, focusing on traditional distribution businesses

Our customers see a FAST:

  • Increase in sales, distribution, and profitability

  • Improvement in visibility and convenience

  • Retention of key customers with better service

  • Better relationship with suppliers  

Brands thriving on our platform

Along with hundreds of other brands and more than 30,000 SKUs

Our Why


Supply chains comprise millions of resilient entrepreneurs that are still offline & under-served


Under-developed supply chains hurt consumers and business from ineficiencies and waste


Most tech companies resort to removing important layers (e.g. wholesaler) hurting the chain


We believe that enablement is key, powering existing layers with better technology & support

"Supply chain entrepreneurs have built great infrastructure and relationships for decades. Why remove if we can make it better, faster and stronger?"

How Baskit can partner with you

Turbo-charge your route-to-market!

Increase your market penetration with our go-to-market services


​Get better visibility of where, when, and how your products move


Support top partners  

with promotions and trade marketing

A complete ecosystem for offline distribution businesses

Our Solutions

Power up your operations with Baskit

Drive more revenue

Manage, empower, and enlarge your salesforces with our sales support built-in modules

Get logistics support

Tap into Baskit's extensive network of 3PL partners and deliver great client experience

Get the best buying price

Source from principals that want to protect your margins and grow your business

Drive online business

Grow your digital business online and reach more customers across channels

Gain trend insights

Make confident decisions with our pricing, data and new product insight dashboards

Finance your business

Can't grow because of cash? We ensure you have the right working capital to expand

What our customers say

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Egi Erawan

Pandawa Lima

“Finally I've found an app that can help me manage everything for my store; from stock availability, to monitoring my daily and monthly sales."

Level up your distribution business.
Partner with 

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